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What is ESM?

In a nutshell - ESM is 'Enterprise Service Management'.

You could look at it in simple terms as similar sets of processes that IT have used for at least a couple of decades in the form of IT service management, but applied across your whole organisation.

I first had a go at implementing some ESM over 10 years ago. In fact the approach taken was to implement another instance of the IT service desk tool and to fill it with Facilities customers and data. Inevitably the whole solution felt as if it was crowbarred in to fit the Facilities process and the terminology used throughout. The system was certainly very IT focused.

But the bottom line was that end-users/customers were able to log tickets on any element of the company's estate that was in poor condition and the Facilities team were able to triage and satisfy those requests. The client was very happy indeed as it meant that these types of requests were no longer handled via a shared mailbox.

Inevitably there are issues with this approach though and the primary one is the disjointed experience for the employee. Why should they have to go to one service desk, or another? Why can't they search right across the whole set of internally and externally provided services and place their request? What about the overhead of someone having to triage all these requests?

Systems have certainly moved on a lot since those early days. We've also had the introduction and maturing of SIAM and ESM. My mind was blown the first time I saw the architectural simplicity of SIAM and the dawning of realisation on what it could do to help manage internal and external service providers. It's true that ESM really does need SIAM to enable it to work really efficiently under the bonnet.

In the 4me model, different service providers are set up in their own instances of the software. Trusts are set up between the various service providers, be they internal (finance, legal, HR, IT, facilities etc) or external (data centre, printers, legal council, HR rewards partner, site services provider etc). The end user/customer interacts with a single portal where all relevant services are then presented. Fully searchable, full descriptions and service level agreements throughout at every stage. The beauty of having the SIAM element bedded in to the solution with the trusts set up is that managed service providers (MSPs) can offer services straight into the portal. It's the most lean way of working and delivers the value right there, just in time, to the customer! How good is that?!

And here's the real reason you need to be not only looking at ESM right now, but you need that project in-flight to implement it:

We're all working from home right now. ESM is the digital front end & reception to your organisation. It's the way of organising and fulfilling requests for work and services between departments and it is just so much richer than using ad-hoc communications like email, Teams, Zoom etc. Why do you think IT teams moved away to a ticketing system all those years ago? Answer: to bring order and management and improve service. Instead of who shouts loudest and pet-projects, ticketing allows prioritisation, service level agreements and true visibility of demand.

Just think about the level of intelligence that can be reached by offering more standardised and measurable methods of requests into your team. The analysis will show where your bottlenecks are, employees will find it really clear to interact with internal and external departments/service providers. And because it's all SIAM enabled, you'll have the data at your finger tips when it comes to service management reviews with all the service providers too. That keeps continual service improvement on the agenda constantly and provides visibility of services that are underutilised.

These tools are here on the marketplace now - 4me is a great example of one that is totally built around ESM and SIAM. And it implements faster than traditional ITSM-based tools too, so you can be up and running in a few weeks. See it and you'll quickly realise what next-gen looks like in service management, across your organisation and your MSPs.

Progress as they say is inevitable to help realise further efficiencies in the ways we do business and that time to start making these changes is here.

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