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Unavailable Services on Covid-19 Lockdown

The New Business As Usual

I've been doing all my work from my home office recently since the breakout of Coronavirus. I do tend to work remotely from various locations regularly from around Europe usually, so I'm used to having to access the services I need for work and home using the internet. My laptop has a good suite of tools that equip me to carry out my work.

What I wasn't prepared for since Coronavirus is the amount of call centres that just made services unavailable. A couple of examples:

  • cancelling a telecoms contract
  • attempting to take out services at a new business premises

When we leave contracts in our business and personal lives, companies want to retain our business if they can, so they tend to want to have a real-life conversation with us as part of the leavers process. The idea being that they can try to persuade me to stay using better sales pricing and other offers. But the post-coronavirus world will need a different model, because workers need social distancing.

All this change did get me thinking about the lack of availability in services online generally. Businesses have accepted upto now a multi channel model for interacting with customers. These channels have included the web, social, phone, face to face, sms and post. I do believe there will be a big push now in the world of digital transformation of businesses to complete the range of services offered online to their customers.

But it's not just making those services available, it's the processes and systems behind that to allow those services to work. IT departments have been working in this way for decades now, but still the rest of the business is yet to catch up. IT have the tools and processes to deal with digital methods of managing workloads and seeking to improve their services month on month. In a sense it's less important for a member of the IT team to be in a particular location.

The good news is that those same enablers that IT departments have been using for years are also readily available for other departments too. This is called 'Enterprise Service Management' or 'ESM' for short and is well worth looking into as remote workers (and the management of those remote workers) become commonplace. We can use these tools to manage workloads and provide access to services to remote workers and customers. Yes we have used email upto now for department to department requests, but try and understand what your staff are requesting and improve those services and you can't. This is because email is ad-hoc, unstructured, unmanaged and comes with a 'fire and forget' mentality.

One thing is definitely for sure. Those of us that change and adapt stand the strongest chance of surviving this huge change brought about by coronavirus.

Stay safe.


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