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Pure Cloud Working

An industry that's seen very little organisational change for around a decade was faced with a regulatory-driven transformation programme.

OFWAT, the Water Industry regulator, decreed that customers should be able to choose their water provider in the UK, in a similar way to choosing your electricity and gas provider. For water companies throughout the UK, this has meant significant planning and investment in new people, processes and technology, not to mention a steep cultural learning curve.

Sapphiratech came in to provide project management with Azure infrastructure, Office 365, Microsoft InTune and cloud telephony experience to help out one such water company in the South West of England. Constraints on the programme included a fixed completion date for getting the new business operating, and the re-creation of enterprise-level systems within a much smaller and more agile retailer.

Major milestones were not only reached, but always bettered, and the project was carried out within quality standards, such as the ISO27001 Framework, and business stakeholders consulted and appraised along the journey.

The market for the B2B water providers is now open and this retailer is ready for business.