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Case Study - Making The Case For Team Restructuring

Interview by John Ward, ITSM Consultant, Sapphiratech with Chris Johnson, Head of IT Services, Flybe

Sapphiratech was engaged in a project with Flybe following a period of necessary staff losses within the IT department, where headcount had been halved. The team were well into survival mode, barely treading water, in a state of stagnation and low morale. Against this the business had an appetite for expansion in their market.

It was clear during scoping that the IT team felt they were under pressure to deliver, but feeling they were under-resourced. In fact, under the scoping phase of the project this would become the recurring message. How do you grow an IT team appropriately to match business expansion in this climate?

Sapphiratech delivered project management and process change within IT around the implementation of the ServiceNow platform. Flybe's Head of IT Service Management, Chris Johnson explains:

"The decision had already been taken to adopt ServiceNow and that was to help us see across processes and to bring good behaviours in the team. We knew we were under-resourced, but until you start to get visibility of the truth, evidenced through trends in the system, the need for additional heads in the team is a matter of opinion, rather than fact.

It's hard to make the case for restructuring based purely on opinion.

The approach taken to manage the project specifically allowed us to put enough breathing space in to really understand and define processes. Also, because it was structured well, it allowed us to involve key users and staff out in the business to get involved one process at a time. This meant people could really see the benefits quickly and those benefits stuck.

Now the conversation around staffing is less emotional, based on facts. It's a pounds and pence conversation. If there's an ROI of less than 3 years, we get on with it."

Sapphiratech led the project, managing suppliers, analysts and key stakeholders in the business, to understand requirements in depth and to include everyone in the communications process. People often talk about 'good service transition', but to get good transition that's effective, it's vitally important to involve people early and often. That means involvement in the specification, the design process, testing, training, go-live and through the adoption of Continual Service Improvement thereafter.

Each engagement is different for Sapphiratech, considering the unique process needs, cultural fit and appetite for change. We work across the UK and Ireland on IT Service Management and Customer Service Management assignments.

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