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Brexit and trading with the EU

At the end of 2020 a deal was reached between the UK and the EU on trading - goods and services. But how does this specifically affect the supply of services into/out of the EU?

For many years Sapphiratech have supplied Service Management consultancy services across Europe. The experience has been very positive for both our customers and ourselves. We've loved the cultures, the different ways of thinking and we've made some lifelong relationships.

(Photographed left is the post-go-live meal in Milan with very happy customers at Refresco)

But what happens now? Is it more difficult for us and thousands of services businesses both in the UK and the EU to supply into each other's marketplaces? Are there unique requirements for those in the UK doing business with individual countries?

Taking this extract from the British Irish Chamber:

'Services and Investment The coverage for services is similar to other EU free trade agreements such as the EU-Canada and EUJapan agreements. The UK and the EU have agreed to make commitments on:

  • Market Access for Services: Neither Party can impose limitations on the number of services suppliers.

  • Local Presence: A Party shall not require a service supplier of the other Party to establish or maintain an enterprise or to be resident in its territory as a condition for the cross-border supply of a service.

  • National Treatment: Neither the EU nor the UK can discriminate between their nationals.

  • Most Favoured Nation: Each Party shall accord to services and service suppliers of the other Party treatment no less favourable than that it accords, in like situations, to its own services and services suppliers. '

This appears on the whole very positive news for trading with Ireland at least. It's worth bearing in mind that there are travel restrictions in place:

'The Agreement also includes a Chapter on ‘Entry and temporary stay of natural persons for business purposes’. Freedom of movement as applied within the Single Market when the UK was a member is no longer the case2 . However, the EU and the UK have agreed to allow short-term business visits (with conditions) for business visitors for establishment purposes, contractual service suppliers, independent professionals, intra-corporate transferees and short-term business visitors. '

This refers to the free and reciprocal travel arrangements maintained between the UK and Ireland specifically. That's good news and helps to maintain great trading relations.

The UK Government do have more specific guidance country by country, so do look that up for other places too.

On the whole it's a positive outlook and we believe it's more favourable to provide services than goods across the UK/EU border. One more thing worth a look at is the VAT handling in various countries, which can be found on the UK Government site.

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